Loans for 무직자대출 without proof of income

Loans for 무직자대출 without proof of income

Loans without proof of income

In this article, you can check loan products’ limits, conditions, and interest rates that can be used without proof of income for the 무직자대출 Since various products exist, please compare the requirements carefully and check the best outcome.

Loan for living expenses of Korea Scholarship Foundation


The Korea Scholarship Foundation Living Expense Loan is a product that college students can use. If a student does not have a job, they can use it without proof of income.

Loan limit: 1.5 million won per semester

Loan interest rate: 1.7%

Loan period: up to 10 years

Loan Qualifications: Those who are expected to register at the university for which the academic information of the affiliated university and the period of financial support have been calculated.

The loan limit is up to 1.5 million won per semester. You can apply for a minimum of 100,000 won and use it in increments of 50,000 won.

The interest rate on a loan is a fixed rate of 1.7% and can be used for up to 10 years, but the term depends on the repayment method.

This product is a loan product without proof of income that can be used by prospective university enrollments for which the academic information of the affiliated university or the student financial support period has been calculated.

As it is not a general loan product, the limit is small, but the interest rate is meager, so it is recommended to hold it as much as possible until maturity. Unfortunately, interest rates like this are hard to find, even in the 1st financial sector.

Sunshine Loan Youth for 무직자대출 Government Supported Loans

Sunshine Loan Youth is a representative government-funded loan product for college students or 무직자대출 상품

Loan limit: 6 million won to 12 million won per year

Loan interest rate: 3.5% per annum

Loan period: up to 15 years

Loan Qualifications: Those who are 19 years of age or older, job-seeking students with an annual income of 35 million won or less, or those who have been working for less than one year in a small business

The maximum loan limit is KRW 6 million per year, and the maximum loan amount is KRW 12 million.

As with government-funded loans, the interest rate is low at 3.5% per annum, and the loan period can be used for up to 15 years, including the deferral period. The maximum grace period is eight years.

This product can be used as a loan without proof of income for those 19 years of age or older who are preparing for a job with an annual income of 35 million won or less or who have worked for a small business for less than one year.

Interest rates in the first financial sector have risen significantly recently, so it isn’t easy to find an interest rate like this in the first economic sector. Check out the rest below.

Sunshine Loan Youth Non-face-to-face Application Conditions

Sunshine Loan Youth is a loan product supported for college students or beginners with an annual income of 35 million won or less. This is a government-supported loan that is supported by using the lottery fund of the Financial Services Agency.

To apply for Sunshine Loan Youth non-face-to-face, you must meet the conditions. Below are the limits, interest rates, terms, and qualifications.

loan limit

The maximum loan limit per person is 12 million won. It is up to 6 million won annually, and the loan limit varies depending on the purpose.

In the case of general living funds, the limit is 3 million won per half year, and 6 million won per year for specific purpose funds. Specific use funds include study, job readiness, medical, and housing expenses.

loan interest rate

Loan rates vary depending on circumstances. For example, the introductory loan interest rate is 3.5%, but the guarantee fee rate varies depending on the situation.

For job-seeking students, a fee rate of 0.5% is added, which is 4.0%; for first-time students, a guarantee fee rate of 1.0% is added, and the interest rate is 4.5%.

For those subject to social consideration, the lowest guarantee fee rate is 0.1%, which is 3.6%. However, the guarantee fee may vary depending on how you choose the Sunshine Loan Youth Deposit amount and how long the period is.

무직자대출 쉬운곳 loan term

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The loan period varies depending on the new social worker and the job seeker. Among job-seeking students, the maximum probation period is six years for college students, four years for graduate students or students in the credit bank system, and two years for unemployed people.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with less than one year of service have a probation period of one year. The maximum repayment terms are all the same, seven years.

Loan eligibility

To get a loan, you must meet age and income requirements. For example, you must be between the ages of 19 and 34 and meet the income requirements of 35 million won or less per year.

In more detail, job-seeking students refer to college students, graduate students, unemployed youth, and those taking the credit bank system. Unemployed youth can also use it, so it is possible to apply for Sunshine Loan Youth Unemployed. Newcomers to society refer to those who have worked for a small business for less than one year.

If you are a sole proprietor, you cannot use the Sunshine Loan Youth, so it is recommended to use a government-supported non-guaranteed loan for ordinary people.

How to apply for Sunshine Loan Youth non-face-to-face

The existing application method for Sunshine Loan Youth is as follows. However, due to the prolonged COVID-19, the application method has been changed to non-face-to-face.

Apply for a guarantee through the Microfinance Promotion Agency app (check eligibility requirements and apply for a contract)

Financial education completion

Consultation and guarantee review at the integrated financial support center for the working class

Agreeing upon approval of the warranty

We started a completely non-face-to-face service on October 30, 2020, and new users do not need to visit the integrated support center for microfinance but submit and review documents through the mobile app of the microfinance promotion agency, then go through the Sunshine Loan Youth Guarantee Review, and You can get a loan.

Required documents for the Sunshine Loan Youth application are divided into standard documents and application fields. First, prepare ordinary papers and documents that apply to you, depending on the application area.

common documents

Real Name Verification Certificate

Health Insurance Qualification Certificate

Confirmation of payment of health insurance premiums (employee subscribers)

Documents proving wage and salary income: Earned income withholding tax receipt, income amount proof, paybook transaction statement, other salary details confirmation, pension calculation subscription confirmation, employment contract

Passbook transaction details and confirmation documents

Certificate of business registration

If you wish to have an additional period of deferral, a copy of resident registration (including military service)

Tax certificate for each local tax category (if necessary)

Documents for Academic Credit Bank System Learners

Academic credit bank system enrollment certificate

Credit Recognition Certificate

Required documents for undergraduate and graduate students

Documents proving enrollment: Select one of the certificate of registration, certificate of leave of absence, and certificate of postponement of graduation

Records for those subject to social consideration

Single-parent family or grandchild family: Certificate of single-parent family

In the case of the multicultural family: The family relationship certificate

North Korean defector: North Korean defector registration certificate

Disabled person: one disability registration card or disability certificate

Primary Livelihood Recipient: Certificate of Basic Livelihood Recipient

Second-class: Choose one of the second-class confirmation or the certificate of the next-class self-burden reduction target

No documents are required for unemployed youth and new social workers

If you are applying for Sunshine Loan Youth non-face-to-face for funding for a specific use, you must complete the conditions of completion for each use before applying for the guarantee.

Conditions to be completed before applying for a warranty

Study/Work Preparation Fund: Payment of study and employment preparation funds must be completed

Housing expenses: Contract signing and down payment must be completed and paid in full before the examination date.

Medical expenses: Payment of medical costs must be completed, and medical fees for cosmetic or plastic surgery are excluded.

Required documents when applying for Sunshine Loan Youth-specific fund

The study, employment preparation funds: course slips/test slips or receipts for tuition/exam fees

Housing expenses: housing rental contract (original), real estate registration certificate (must include cancellation), deposit receipt, monthly rental account transaction details

Medical payments: medical bills and receipts

The guarantee support may be omitted if the Sunshine Loan Youth-specific fund documents do not contain the required information.

무직자대출 추천 Sunshine Loan Youth QnA

Sunshine Loan Youth Judging 농협 무직자대출

After completing the application process for Sunshine Loan Youth, there is only one thing left to do: review the guarantee and apply to the bank.

Depending on the center’s workload, it may take up to a week, but in most cases, it can take about a day.

Shall I contact the Sunshine Loan Youth Parents?

A person had never received a loan and was trying to get a Sunshine Loan Youth non-face-to-face loan. I was worried because it is for unemployed youth or office workers working for less than a year in a small business. Don’t worry.

What if the Sunshine Law Youth was rejected?

There are five main reasons why the rejection of the Sunshine Loan Youth is non-face-to-face rejection.

have existing debts

Have a credit card issuance history

You have a record of overdue loans

Have a high credit rating or salary

If the documents are not adequately prepared

You need to know the exact details of the rejection to get pre-approval.

Sunshine Loan Youth Loan Review

Sunshine Loan Youth is one of the few government-supported loans that unemployed people can use. In particular, it is not easy for college students with no income to use loan products, but using them for a long time is beneficial under perfect conditions.

This is a handy product for Sunshine Loan youth college students because you can use it when you need a loan and repay it with enough time.

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