GTO Hold’em Strategy & 홀덤홍보

GTO Hold’em Strategy & 홀덤홍보


GTO Hold’em Strategy

As a type of hold’em poker 홀덤홍보 방 바로가기 이미지클릭, it shares many features with poker. However, hold’em is highly strategic and addictive because it predicts the opponent’s hand compared to other pokers. Therefore, with careful consideration of your card, community card, and your opponent’s betting situation, there is a high probability that you will get the desired result.

This type of game progression is called Game Theory Optimal (GTO). The GTO is a defensive tactic by mixing several options under certain principles. It is somewhat far from an aggressive strategy for maximizing profits. The GTO goes through roughly the following steps:

Grasp the hand range

You narrow down the range of possible hands at the moment by imagining combinations of indicators you and your opponent can have in a specific situation. Likewise, you can narrow down and track your opponents by closely observing their play patterns. If you play in a particular way, your opponent will read the design, so you must repeatedly confuse your opponent by scattering the practice. That’s why it’s so important to have a balanced hand range.

If you always start the game only when the winning hand is sure, your opponent can easily guess your hand range. If your opponent reads your hand and responds accordingly, losses will inevitably be accumulated. So, it would help to balance good writing with a lousy hand to prevent your opponent from taking advantage of it. Sometimes you have to bet on good hands and bet on wrong hands.

강남 홀덤홍보 Mixed Strategy

The options the player can choose from are roughly Check, Raise, Calling, and Folding. It would help if you were not biased towards any particular choice among the choices you have. You need to make sure your opponent knows your hand range so you can’t guess a specific hand, then your opponent is confused. Ideally, you want to randomly place multiple choices, which is difficult to do perfectly in practice. So, you can use the clock to change your play style in 30-minute increments or create a combination based on the variety of numbers and patterns on community cards.

The main goal of a mixed strategy is to make your opponent think you are always holding Nuts7. And with the nut, you need to instill the image that it is difficult for the opponent to follow your actions quickly. To do this, sometimes, you need to play slow and weak with a firm hand to make your opponent afraid of your check. Even if you show weakness by checking, your opponent has no choice but to proceed cautiously with your strong hand in mind.

Of course, a GTO strategy based on a hybrid system is not always correct. A perfect GTO strategy is no easy feat, with a lot of fine-tuning to deal with your opponents properly. It requires a lot of experience, and you must be careful according to the situation and the opponent. Still, it is almost impossible to use the optimal Strategy for every situation. Best of all, you don’t often encounter opponents that are difficult enough to require a sophisticated GTO strategy. Nevertheless, the GTO strategy is practical and appropriate to use as a basic game approach.

Polarized Strategy

Since the core of the GTO strategy is optimization, it has the property of constantly seeking efficiency for optimization. To find the optimal solution, the concept of mathematical probability was introduced, and as a result, the result commonly used in the GTO strategy is the polarized Strategy. 홀덤홍보 홀덤광고 The polarization strategy is to discard the middle hand and use the hands located at the extreme ends. In other words, it is a technique that uses both Nut and Air8 to save the hand’s value and confuses the opponent by mixing bluffing.

A balance between solid hands and bluffing and a mathematically ideal balance of proportions is the most crucial in a polarization strategy. It doesn’t sound difficult to explain in words, but in reality, the percentage of players playing with solid hands is often too high or biased towards bluffing. If you lean to one side like this, it is a weakness to your opponent and becomes a target for attack. Therefore, the key is to effectively mix the ratio of bets, calls, and folds between the value of the hand and the bluffing.

오프홀덤 홀덤홍보 Knowing player tendencies

As important as the hand is to understand your opponent’s tendencies. If you don’t know your opponent’s propensity, even if you win, you may have little or no profit, but if you understand your tendency, you can make a profit with a weak hand. Even with the same hand and the same situation, changing the action or adjusting the intensity according to your opponent’s disposition is essential. Opponents’ tendencies can be roughly divided into the following:

Loose: A player who participates in as many games as possible through various actions with various hands. The opposite of tight. Playing with a firm hand is advantageous because it continues to participate even if a weak hand is lifted.

Tight: The tendency to participate only when the hand is good and fold easily when the writing is terrible. She is also called knit. It is an opponent who can consistently aim for small profits. If you have a strong tendency to be tight, it is called Rock.

Passive: A passive player who only checks and calls without raising.

Aggressive: A player with an aggressive tendency to bets and raise. There are many talented people.

Slow Play: Taking action slowly, pretending to be troubled with a mighty hand. Slow play with a nut is considered disrespectful.

By understanding the level of aggression and tightness of your opponent, you can take more appropriate action. For example, bluffing is not quickly successful against aggressive opponents. This is because your opponent is likelier to call the end to catch the bluff. Conversely, if you place a strong bet, your tight opponent will likely pick the fold.

오프홀덤 홀덤홍보

Indicators for identifying propensity

The opponent’s tendency can be easily inferred through a few games, 딜러구인구직 홀덤홍보 and there are also objective indicators to understand this numerically.

VPIP (Voluntary Put in Pot): The percentage of your opponent voluntarily joining the flop, excluding the blind. The higher it is, the looser it is.

PDF (Pre Flop Raise): The number of raises pre-flop. The higher it is, the more aggressive it is. VPIP includes calls and raises, while PFR counts only increases. The more significant the gap between the two, the stronger the tendency to follow without three bets or open raises.

3B, 4B: Three bets 15, the ratio of four chances. The higher it is, the more aggressive it is.

F3B: The rate at which a three-bet folds. The higher it is, the tighter it is.

ATS: The number of times you aim for Steal is 16. The higher the score, the better the skill, and loose and aggressive players often try it.

AF (Aggression Factor): An index that quantifies the tendency to be aggressive. The higher it is, the more aggressive it is.

CB: The degree to which a continuation bet is placed. The higher it is, the more aggressive it is.

FC-Bet: The degree to which a continuation bet folds. Higher is tighter or Fish17.

WTSD (Went To Show Down): The degree to which the show goes down. The higher the number, the more the calling station.

WSD (Won at Show Down): The degree to which you win by reaching the showdown stage. The higher the score, the better the skill.

BB/100: The profit earned in 100 games divided by the considerable blind amount. The higher the score, the better the skill.


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