Let’s learn about good hands and big pots in 오프홀덤

Let’s learn about good hands and big pots in 오프홀덤


Hold ’em Basic Strategy  for Sports 오프홀덤 Good Hands and Big Pots

Big pots and small pots require a completely different mindset. 구글 검색창에 홀덤친구 오프홀덤 If the pot is small and the position is unstable, you need to control the pot to fit your hand carefully.

If the pot is large, the rewards may also be risky in size. The art of making big pots when you have good hands is the key to no limit hold’em.

A good hand may come once a day, but that single hand can make all the difference. If you get 200,000 chips every time you have a good hand, you’re an excellent no-limit hold’em player, whereas if you average 50,000 chips, you’ll grow very slowly. Always remember. A good hand deserves a big pot.

Make a big room
Many people make a ‘set’ on the flop and think like this. “Um… I’ll have to get some more chips this hand somehow”.

No. No. No! ‘Three’ is not a hand worth “a little” extra.

You should invest all the time allowed and make a big pot where you put all your chips in the pot. You sometimes fear that your opponent will fold early, leave the pot, and get nothing. What do you say? Either way, make a big pot. Is it better to win 40,000 pots three times?

Or are 10,000 banks at 2 and 200,000 pots at one better? In No-Limit Hold ’em, mathematical calculations are often on the “one shot” side. Notice this “one room.”


Divide into chunks and place bets

Now, you’ve made a ‘set’ on the flop and want to put all the chips in the pot. 오프홀덤 딜러 구인 https://holdem79.com What’s the first thing to do?

You are splitting the stack into chunks. Look at your stack and divide your bet size into chunks. For example, 15,000 pots are formed on the flop, and the remaining stack is 200,000 chips. The first bet will be a pot size of 15,000, the next bet will be 45,000 (15,000 pots + 15,000 bets +15,000 calls).

Alternatively, you can bet 40,000. After that, the pot will be around 125,000, and your stack will remain at 145,000, so you can make your last bet.

In this case, you split it into 3 chunks of 15,000 / 40,000 / 145,000 chips.

Occasionally you may even break the chunks apart further. You can also make a pot of 30,000 with your first 10,000 chips and a pot of 85,000 with your next 25,000 bets; bet 50,000 at the end, leaving 115,000 chips and a pot of 185,000. This bet is divided into 4 chunks of 10,000 / 25,000 / 50,000 / 115,000 chips.

As such, there can be many different ways to grow pots. However, we recommend you mainly use the three extensive and four small chunks method. Please keep this in mind for the next step as well.

오프홀덤 정보방 to attack deliberately

Now, the tricky step. You have to look at the flop correctly, think about your opponent’s hand, and think about how he will play. Next, you must decide on a three- or four-dollar betting style to create the monster pot you’ve been waiting for. Let’s be more specific.

1000-2000 blind tables, and you have 6♥6◆ in the big blind. Someone open-raised to 7,000 chips from a position a little off the button, and you called. The pot is 15,000, and you have around 200,000 chips.

The flop is J♥6♠10♠. On the loss, you are ‘three,’ and a flush and a straight draw board are made. Think about the other person’s style. Let’s talk about each type.

In the first style, your opponent is loose and aggressive, especially early on. He doesn’t bluff a lot and folds when his hand is weak. If you check, he will bet with any hand. It would help if you took advantage of this. He’s a little loose but not crazy. You can take advantage of a betting method that is split into smaller pieces into four chunks. Start with a check and encourage your opponent to bet. And raise, but not too loud. Depending on your opponent’s bet, you can either min-raise (2x) or bet half to two-thirds of the pot. You want your opponent to call with a weak hand like AK or 88.

This puts 2 out of 4 balls into the pot, and if your opponent calls, you can bet #3 on the turn and #4 on the river.

The second style is loose, crazy, so-called Maniac. If you bet on the flop, you can expect the Maniac to raise with a lot of not-so-good hands.

The triple bet method is perfect here. You bet and let the Maniac raise. And #3 lump all-in. You go all-in early in this case.

Or call the flop raise, check on the turn and bet, then check-raise all in. You need to consider whether Maniac will call all-in on the flop or bet if he checks the turn. Whichever you choose, it is recommended that you first take the initiative with a large bet.

Finally, a weak and passive opponent. He folds, rarely bluffs, and seldom raises unless he has big hands. He will check even with a decent indicator if you check the flop.

This is not what you want.

In this case, we recommend the three-fold bet-bet-bet method. If he folds, it’s natural. This is to be expected because he usually folds often. Nevertheless, the best way to maximize the chances of a large pot from it is bet-bet-bet.

No slow play

Slow play has a “must-have.” Slow play isn’t an excellent idea when you’ve made the flop three.

A good hand deserves a big pot. You can’t make a big pot with just checks and calls. Fight the flop.

A statement on the loss makes the difference between betting 120,000 or 50,000 on the river.

In the example above, we played different bets on different types of opponents. But on each flop, we bet or check-raise. Checking and calling the play is not appropriate in this situation.

The art of making big pots when you have good hands is the key to no limit hold’em. There are three basic principles to remember.

1. 오프홀덤 뜻 Making a big herbal medicine.

2. Break the stack into chunks.

3. Think about your opponent’s play and choose the appropriate betting method to create a monster pot.


Playing against your opponent is a crucial element of No Limit Hold’em. You’re missing out on the best returns if you play the same way against all opponents. Instead, find your opponent’s weaknesses and create a situation where you can take advantage of them.

The attack is the primary weapon of No Limit 강남 오프홀덤. Unfortunately, passive players don’t use it well. You can exploit this weakness by betting with more hands. You can also value-bet more hands-on loose-passive opponents (betting on winning hands).

Loose-aggressive players know how to attack but attack recklessly. As a result, they put too many chips in the pot without a backup plan.

With this in mind, you can keep the pool small when you’re weak but attack with a big bluff or value-bet when you’re good. In this way, I hope you take a strategy of bringing a small pot when you lose and a bigger pot when you win.

Most opponents don’t fit into this category as tightly as organizing drawers. So please do not force them into places they do not work. Instead, observe your opponent’s play, think about where they’re playing wrong, and devise a custom strategy to create and use these situations.

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