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Get what you need from those who know how to provide it. Suddenly Slender body wraps are body wraps to lose inches.  Check out all that we offer.

Suddenly Slender has been in business continuously since 1967 when President Victoria Marie Morton 

invented the body wrap business. 

Suddenly Slender products have been proven to work over the decades, and are the highest in quality.  Slimming body wraps along with herbal weight loss supplements are a great combination and they can be done often. For weight loss, body wraps help to keep your skin lifted and tight. Often copied by other companies over the years, our results stand above the rest due to the quality of our minerals and the liquid concentrates produced in our own facility with the proprietary Digital Sound Wave Technology not available anywhere else.

SUDDENLY SLENDER BODY WRAPS cleanse and detoxify your body through its largest organ, the skin! You can do body wraps to lose inches, look slimmer and look younger! Experience inch loss with every body wrap. Our body wraps guarantee you will look 10-30 inches smaller, visually tighten and tone all areas of the body and produce significant, noticeable results with just one wrap. We also offer herbal weight loss supplements to help with dieting.
Find a Suddenly Slender location where a trained professional can give you a slimming body wrap. ​​

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Do body wraps work?Yes, of course, especially with proven products. 

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